Ethanol—North Dakota’s homegrown alternative to foreign oil.


Enhance North Dakota’s ethanol industry through innovative research, education, promotion and market development in collaboration with industry stakeholders.


Cutting-Edge Industry-Driven Research

Encourage North Dakota scientists and academics to conduct research and studies in collaboration with industry to create more efficient production and utilization practices.

Coordinated Communication & Educational Outreach

Provide a unified voice for the North Dakota ethanol industry through audience-specific messaging to educate North Dakotans on the benefits of ethanol.

Effective Market Development & Promotion

Initiate promotional efforts and support public policy to increase ethanol demand and advance the North Dakota ethanol industry.

Fast Facts

  • The North Dakota ethanol industry contributes more than $640 million annually to the state’s economy.
  • Each North Dakota ethanol plant is located in a community with a population of less than 2,500 and contributes an average of 49 jobs and an average annual payroll of $3.3 million to the community.
  • On average, ethanol production saved consumers $1.09 per gallon at the pump in 2011.
  • North Dakota is a leader in providing choice for consumers at the pump with nearly 200 ethanol blender pumps offering higher blends (E20, E30 and E85) in more than 40 communities.
  • All vehicles can use E10 and flex fuel vehicles (FFV) can use higher blends. For more information on FFVs, visit